Marquis Men's Regular Fit French Cuff Dress Shirt - Cufflinks Included

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All qualities that a proper men's dress shirt should have-all qualities that are present in this shirt. Made from a 55% cotton and 45% polyester broadcloth and treated with a mercerized finish, this shirt will look and wear exceptionally well. Its versatility is further enhanced by its convertible French cuffs which can be worn with cufflinks-a matching pair of which is included, or swapped out for any other pair. Altogether high in quality, value, and style, it's a great way to look and feel smartly dressed.


* This shirt is made of a 55% Cotton Broadcloth / 45% Polyester which Wrinkle Resistant And Machine Washable
* Marquis French Cuff Dress Shirt, something every man needs in his wardrobe.
* Regular Fit - French Cuff - Silk Knot Cufflinks Included
* Once you try this shirt, you will never overpay again for similar, higher priced but lower quality shirts from big brand names and boutiques. Leave some cash in your pocket and look great!
* Comprised of a Cotton and Polyester Broadcloth, our French Cuff Shirts are a wardrobe essential for the warmer seasons of the year.