Marquis Long-sleeve Banded Collar Shirt - Black Or White Color

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A rising trend, whether you call it 'Banded', 'Mandarin', 'Peasant Collar', or 'Indo Pak Style', these shirts have surged in popularity in recent years. The blend of versatility and comfort these shirts offer, continues to be recognized by men in increasing numbers, and it doesn't look like that will stop any time soon.
Regarding work casual attire, first the tie went the way of the dodo, and then the collar followed. The greatest appeal of the banded collar style is that it presents a polished and refined appearance, while omitting the feeling of a stiff collar against your neck. As a whole, these shirts provide a more comfortable, yet viable alternative to the standard turn down collar dress shirt.

* Made from 100% microfiber
* NO TIE REQUIRED. By nature, the banded collar is meant to work without a tie, making this a great shirt for men who want to look sharp but would rather not to wear anything around their necks.
* WELL ROUNDED VERSATILITY. Spring, summer, fall, and winter, this adaptable shirt can be worn comfortably year round. It's lightweight enough for the warmer weather, yet the long sleeves work well for the cooler months of the year. This shirt can be worn casually with jeans or khakis, or dressed up with trousers and a sport jacket for more sophisticated flair.
* A GREAT PRICE! We offer these shirts at such a great price, why not buy a few?
* Easy care fabric