Marquis Men's Pin Striped Slim Fit Dress Shirt

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Featuring a combination of subtle flair and the classic touch of a dress shirt, our Pinstriped Slim Fit Dress Shirt is a needed piece in any wardrobe. The neatly woven pinstripes add a fashionable touch to an already timeless shirt. Crisp and slim fit this shirt appeals to all trends.

* Made From 70% Cotton / 30% Polyester
* Pin Stripe shirt comes With slim fit
* WELL ROUNDED VERSATILITY. Spring, summer, fall, and winter, this adaptable shirt can be worn comfortably year round. It's lightweight enough for the warmer weather, yet the long sleeves work well for the cooler months of the year. This shirt can be worn casually with jeans or khakis, or dressed up with trousers and a sport jacket for more sophisticated flair.
* A GREAT PRICE! We offer these shirts at such a great price, why not buy a few?
* Easy care fabric