Men's Blue Paisley 100% Microfiber Poly Woven Wedding Banded Bow Tie

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Create the look of a gentleman with our 100% Microfiber Poly Woven bow ties. Whether for a formal event or simply to look professional, a bow tie is the perfect addition to your attire and with pre knotted you can have perfect knot all the time. This fancy looking and paisley feeling will upgrade your look instantly.


This Bow Tie Made From 100% Durable Polyester the Size is 4.75 Inches Wide and 2.5 Inches in height.
Bow ties made a comeback & they're here to stay! Every gentleman's wardrobe staple.
Each Bow Tie has an adjustable band that can be made to be short or long and fits most neck.
Perfect for parties, weddings, birthdays, holiday parties or formal ocassions.
Individual Boxed